Flower Orders

*Important information about COVID-19 

6/30/20 Update: Closed at both locations Saturday July 4th to Tuesday July 7th

Essex Market Location currently open Wednesday through Sunday from 11am to 5pm. Brooklyn location open Wednesday through Saturday from 11am to 5pm *Brooklyn location flowers available only on preorder basis. Delivery is available on select dates (except Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays) please use our order form below or use our *new automatic webshop orders here.

For all other requests, such as wedding bouquets, and events please send us an email events@saffron-brooklyn.com. Please check your spam box for responses.

In the meantime, if you would like to give the gift of flowers for the future in store, we have gift cards available at the following page.

Delivery Request Form:

Please use the form below to place an order online. Otherwise, feel free to email us at orders@saffron-brooklyn.com and our staff will be able to help you.

Or please order through our new flower webshop to order and check out automatically.


Order instructions:
• We will not be taking day of or last minute orders at this time. Please allow at least 2 full days for us to accommodate your order due to COVID restrictions.
• All of our bouquets and arrangements are made custom. As such, we do not keep a catalogue of arrangements to choose from, but we work in a range of different styles. Please include as much detail as you would like about desired style and color, and we will adjust our choices in tune with our sense of your preferences. For an idea of the work we do, our Instagram is @saffronbk.
• For any specific flower or plant type requests, please include a detailed note at the bottom of the order form under *Other notes/ specifics.
• We will email you an invoice, payable through an online portal, shortly after you submit your order.
• Please keep in mind that NY Sales Tax (8.875%) will be added to the final total.
• Make sure to check spam inbox for our response as our emails tend to get lost. Emails will be returned from orders@saffron-brooklyn.com.

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**FOR PICKUPS ONLY, for deliveries please skip to below.
Pick ups are currently available at Essex Market location From Wednesday through Sunday from 11am to 4pm.**Brooklyn pick ups will only be available Wednesday through Saturday from noon to 4pm.
Update: Closed at both locations Saturday July 4th to Tuesday July 7th

Essex pick up date:

**Essex Market pick ups Thursday to Sunday 11am to 4pm.

Brooklyn pick up date:

**Brooklyn pick ups will only be available Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 12pm to 3pm.

Available pick up budgets:

*Please note that for pickups under $75 we cannot customize your requests and will be a store special, however we will do our best to accommodate your order. For anything over $75, please use the customization forms following. For Essex Market location only** We will have day specials in all prices on a first come first serve basis. These will be available for a no-contact pickup.

Additional notes for your pick up order:

Update: Closed at both locations Saturday July 4th to Tuesday July 7th

Available delivery dates:

Deliveries will be available Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and will take place between 11am to 4pm. For any other dates not listed please send us an email contact@saffron-brooklyn.com

Delivery Location

In certain cases, delivery fees may be contingent on the size of the order and the general accessibility of the location. If so, we will be in contact via email.


Budget *Please note the minimum delivery is $75 + delivery fee*

Please note that delivery minimum is $75, if you would like to make or split arrangements within a price range please select "I want to do something different" and let us know under notes. (i.e. we could do 2 bouquets of $50, for a total $100)


*All arrangements including a vase will come in a standard glass cylindrical vase. If you are interested in something more unique or special, please check this box. Vase price will be included in the overall budget, which will affect the volume of the flowers
Please use a unique/special vase for this order (only available for orders $150 and up).

Occasion if any:

Please select style

Other (please specify):

Colors* For specific shades, please note on bottom section
RedOrangeYellowGreenBluePurplePinkWhiteNeutralBrightDarkWarmtone mixCooltone mix
Other (please specify):
*Due to limited availability we will do our best to accommodate specifics on your order.

Address for Delivery and Contact for Recipient
For all deliveries, please provide the name of the recipient. For residential addresses with no doorman, please also provide the telephone number of the recipient.

If the recipient is not home at the requested delivery time, an additional fee will be charged for all subsequent delivery attempts. Please make sure to include a phone number so that we can coordinate the delivery in advance.

Recipient's name:
Doorman/Frontdesk available
If not, telephone of recipient is required in order to contact*
Recipients phone:
Delivery Address (*For business addresses, please make sure the address is up to date and provide the company/department name):
For Both Picks ups & Delivery:

Your Message to Recipient

*Other Notes/Specifics: please note any other helpful information about the recipient/order so we can further personalize the arrangement and/or accommodate any other specific flower requests

Payment Method
We will send you an invoice via email shortly after we receive your request. NY sales tax (8.875%) will be added to the final total. If you are a non-profit organization, please email a Tax Exempt form to contact@saffron-brooklyn.com.

If you recently purchased or received a gift card and would like to use the credit please include gift card number below:

*If you have an account filed with us, please check below.


*We will email you an invoice, payable through an online portal, shortly after you submit your order. Please keep in mind that NY Sales Tax (8.875%) will be added to the final total. If you purchased a gift card, you will be able to use it upon checkout.