The Perennial Sunday, August 2, 2015, 3–6 pm Curated by Karen Azoulay

The Perennial
Sunday, August 2, 2015, 3–6 pm

The Grecian Shelter, Prospect Park, Brooklyn


Featuring work by Daniel Barrow, Bianca Beck, Jude Broughan, Erica Magrey, Paul P., Sojourner Truth Parsons, Linda Quinlan, Anna Rosen, Erika Somogyi, Chrysanne Stathacos, Jennifer Sullivan, and Lee Welch.


Curated by Karen Azoulay


Floriography, the language of flowers, is a form of communication that was popular in Victorian times. Botanical species were assigned sentimental meanings that were collected in exhaustive dictionaries, the blooms’ symbolism varying in tone from the sweet (Ivy Geranium conveying the gallant request “Your hand for the next dance?”) to the melodramatic (Vibernum declaring “I die if neglected”) and the downright combative (a dried white rose indicating “death before dishonor”). A thoughtfully curated bouquet could thus deliver a layered poetic memo, which the recipient would be required to decipher. An added complication, however, was the possibility of mistranslation introduced by widespread inconsistencies between reference works.


Staged in a neoclassical peristyle dating from 1905, “The Perennial” is a one-day event in which a dozen artworks are presented in an atmosphere reminiscent of a summer flower fair. Each artist has used the historical floral code to embed a secret meaning in his or her work. In an exhibition focusing on mixed media and assemblage, media and materials including fabric, paper, photography, pinecones, trinkets, vinyl, wood, and of course fresh flowers have been combined into compelling new arrangements. Karen Azoulay has also worked with Carl Williamson to produce a limited-edition floral dictionary for the event.


Floral refreshments will be served.


This event is presented in partnership with More-Art.

Fresh flowers generously provided by Saffron.


For more information, please contact:

Jeff Kasper:                



The Grecian Shelter is located at the southern edge of Prospect Park, a few steps north of Parkside Ave.

For GPS directions, search for Parade Grounds, Brooklyn.

Q Train to Parkside Ave., walk two blocks west along Parkside Ave.

F/G Train to Fort Hamilton Pkwy, walk three blocks east on Ocean Pkwy, then continue east on Parkside Ave.

Adriana Minoliti, “Popurrí” Opening on Wednesday August 7th 7pm – 9pm

Saffron is honored to present a special guest and longtime friend Adriana Minoliti for our next end of summer exhibition Popurrí. Adriana Minoliti of Buenos Aires, Argentina, transforms Saffron in collaboration with apparel courtesy of Vestite y Andate . Please join us from 7pm ~ 9pm  on Wednesday August 7th @ 31 Hanson Place. Original drinks & limited treats provided by our friends at de porres. Farewell flight Afterparty tba.

In the meantime, check out Adriana Minoliti & Santiago Villanueva‘s joint exhibition Landscapes of Eloquence- Minimal Stories at Quebracho/Galeria Azul  @ 421 Troutman in Bushwick until August 15th, 2013. Below are some photos from last nights opening reception.


Beka Goedde “Faulty Logic” Opening Thursday September 20th 7pm – 9pm

Saffron is honored to present Faulty Logic, new drawings and sculptures by Beka Goedde

Opening Night: Thursday September 20th, 2012 7-9pm

Duration: September 20th – November 22nd, 2012




Standing in my kitchen, I can hear the refrigerator hum as it labors to slow the rate of decay of the food inside. The pungent bananas on the table are ripening at such a rate that they’ll rot before the day is through, and yet I cannot see them rot from moment to moment. If one accepts that everything is actually moving at some rate, however fast or slow, one becomes aware of motion too pervasive and encompassing to grasp. I am overwhelmed by change on this basic perceptual level.

Beka Goedde is a sculptor and printmaker whose work explores the perception of change, duration, and the physical body in space.  Goedde was artist in residence at Millay Colony, as well as PS122 Gallery, in 2011.  Her work has recently been exhibited 80WSE (NY), International Print Center (NY), and Incident Report (Hudson, NY).  Goedde graduated from the Bard MFA program in Sculpture in 2011, and lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Artists Under Order.

On Theories of Love and desire Limited first edition issue is now available.

Artists Under Order:

Founded in 2012 by Lauren Nickou in hopes of gathering a collective vision and voice for the new generation of artists.

About the Issue:

“On Theories of Love and Desire presents contributions by Adam Bach, Jane Goodale, Craig Monteith, Lauren Nickou, Shana Sadeghi-Ray, Allen Strouse, and Daniel Weiner.  This issue brings together a tenderness of words and images that express the passionate romance of love in all its forms.  A beautiful honesty is revealed in these concentrations on infatuation, consummation, detachment, questioning, and development”. – Artists Under Order