Beka Goedde “Faulty Logic” Opening Thursday September 20th 7pm – 9pm

Saffron is honored to present Faulty Logic, new drawings and sculptures by Beka Goedde

Opening Night: Thursday September 20th, 2012 7-9pm

Duration: September 20th – November 22nd, 2012




Standing in my kitchen, I can hear the refrigerator hum as it labors to slow the rate of decay of the food inside. The pungent bananas on the table are ripening at such a rate that they’ll rot before the day is through, and yet I cannot see them rot from moment to moment. If one accepts that everything is actually moving at some rate, however fast or slow, one becomes aware of motion too pervasive and encompassing to grasp. I am overwhelmed by change on this basic perceptual level.

Beka Goedde is a sculptor and printmaker whose work explores the perception of change, duration, and the physical body in space.  Goedde was artist in residence at Millay Colony, as well as PS122 Gallery, in 2011.  Her work has recently been exhibited 80WSE (NY), International Print Center (NY), and Incident Report (Hudson, NY).  Goedde graduated from the Bard MFA program in Sculpture in 2011, and lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.